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By ferrasauto75191867, Mar 16 2016 02:03AM

Puffing is a slang term given to a parked vehicle that has its engine running , with the keys in the ignition, while unattended . It is illegal to be a PUFFER and is a ticketable offense. Drivers are engaging in this practice in an attempt to either warm or cool the interior or warm the engine. This leads to a crime of oppurtunity for the thief who just hops in and drives away . If your vehicle is newer than a 1990 vintage it is most likely fuel injected . In that case your cars engine is ready to go very shortly after it starts. Car theives troll gas stations,convenience stores and housing plans looking for a quick score. At the same time, police departments are also patrolling looking to ticket the offending driver. Puffing also wastes fuel and causes harmful pollution . Be a RESPONSIBLE driver / Stop Puffing .

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