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By ferrasauto75191867, Feb 12 2016 12:38AM

If you leave your car outside on a regular basis in very cold weather, there are a few tips and suggestions I would like to share.

* keep your oil at proper level and changed regularly, The engine will turn more freely when lubricated properly.

* replace a battery that is at least 3 years old. a fresh battery will provide a stronger and longer crank cycle.

* park face forward as close to any available barrier, like a wall, garage door, or row of bushes even. this will restrict the cold air blowing toward the engine compartment.

*clean and coat the rubber weatherstrip on the inside of the doors [at least the drivers] wipe it clean with window cleaner and coat it lightly with WD40, furniture polish or light oil. this will help the door to not freeze shut.

*DO NOT wrap a blanket around your engine or place an electric lamp under the hood to keep it warm. the benefit is minimal at best. you are more likely to forget and start the car twisting the blanket or cord causing engine damage. or driving off , dragging parts and pieces.

*be prepared . keep your gas tank full. have a blanket ,shovel,a small bag of sand or kitty liter , a flashlight and a charged cell phone.

* drive carefully and cautiously . give yourself extra room to stop and steer.

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